We provide stellar food and seamless service for any type of event in the Greater Pittsburgh area!

The 熟鹅餐饮公司 creates incomparable experiences through highly customized food, 饮料及活动服务, using sustainable practices and a customer service driven team to exceed all expectations. 这是难忘事件的魔力.

Our entire team of catering professionals is committed to making your anniversary celebration as special and memorable as possible.

从口味到表现, our expert chefs and wait staff will give your guests a meal they’ll truly enjoy.

The 熟鹅餐饮公司 works with you to build the perfect custom menu to fit your anniversary event based on your preferences and event details such as venue, 每天的时间, 许多客人, 和更多的.

不管你什么时候举行宝宝送礼会, 来自熟鹅餐饮公司的食物会很好地营造气氛. 更随意的食物有助于建立一个轻松的基调, 而一个正式, 坐下来吃饭, 为更正式的迎婴派对定下基调. There is no right or wrong answer, which is why we’re here to work with you and your family.

A baptism is a beautiful ceremony that is personal and spiritual for all involved. 之后的招待会也应该同样漂亮. Let us give your family and friends reason to stay and celebrate with baptism catering services that will make them swell with joy.

The 熟鹅餐饮公司 will handle the party for you so that you won’t have to worry about food getting cold or letting your baby go for one second to get the cake. 我们会处理好一切,你可以尽情享受.

无论你选择怎样庆祝成年礼, 在这里,熟鹅餐饮公司将帮助您实现梦想. 我们的宴会餐饮专家很有才华, 专业知识和十博注册app来安排一件你会永远记住的事情.

Ask about customizing your menu for one-of-a-kind culinary delights and our trendsetting designs that translate into breathtaking presentations. So whether it’s a small intimate affair or an extravagant party your guests will remember forever – let your imagination set the limits.

人们通常会考虑为毕业这样的人生里程碑做准备, weddings and anniversary celebrations – events with set dates than can be planned well in advance. 葬礼s rarely fall into this category of events as too often a loved one passes away unexpectedly.

Losing a loved one is always a challenging time for families and The 熟鹅餐饮公司 understands those challenges. We are here to support you in your needs for sensitive funeral catering in the Pittsburgh, PA区域.

如果你正在为你所爱的人计划一个里程碑式的生日或庆祝活动, 我们很乐意帮助使这个重要的日子尽可能令人难忘.

The 熟鹅餐饮公司 is very experienced in helping take the visions of the birthday party host and making them a reality through whatever means the host wishes.

Your engagement is the start of an exciting journey in life and what better way to kick it off than with a spectacular engagement party with The 熟鹅餐饮公司 shared with your family and friends!

Our engagement catering specialists will help you celebrate this very special occasion with fabulous food. We have a large collection of menus that are suitable for engagement catering in the Pittsburgh, PA区域.

When old friends get together, many forget that a select few made the event possible. 为什么这些少数的策划者要担心如何维持这个夜晚呢?

打电话给熟鹅餐饮公司, 你的同学聚会策划人可以自由享用派对. Reconnect with old friends over select appetizers and delicious dessert platters.

Celebrate your graduate’s achievement with a party everyone will want to be a part of. At The 熟鹅餐饮公司 we aim to please with summertime offerings from all day snacks and strolling stations to themed picnic and barbecue menus.

为了一个更正式的毕业招待会, 我们会提供训练有素的服务员, 自助餐服务, 或为您的客人提供单独的镀金服务.

与企业餐饮从十博注册app下载, 业务事件可以有新的含义. 现在,每一次办公室会议都可以成为难忘的时刻.

除了美味的企业餐饮菜单准备到完美, 我们可以满足企业餐饮用餐的所有需求.

节日是与朋友和家人分享的时刻! Our holiday catering menus are an easy solution to the worries of this busy season. 我们的菜单选项总是从零开始, 让你的活动有一种自制的质感, 美食的味道.

不管你是在举办感恩节大餐, 一个小型的节日早午餐, 或者是许多人的盛宴, 熟鹅餐饮公司能够提供美味的菜肴.

是时候对所有辛勤工作的员工说“谢谢”了, contact The 熟鹅餐饮公司 for a variety of menu options your employees are sure to enjoy.

Take your office party a step further with a customized picnic menu including pulled pork, 牛排, 胸肉, 和其他令人垂涎欲滴的菜肴. We also offer a number of themed picnic and barbecue menus to take the guesswork out of building your menu.

我们的野餐餐饮菜单一定会是一个打击您的下一次户外活动! 从毕业典礼到街区派对, our picnic buffet menus have everything you need for a satiable outdoor event. We’ll include everything from your extraordinary grilling favorites to side accompaniments that pair perfectly for picnic-side nibbling.

庆祝退休最好的方式之一就是举办退休派对. When the time comes for a beloved co-worker to retire you want to send them out in style.

策划退休派对有很多关键因素, which is why The 熟鹅餐饮公司 is here to provide you with not only the catering, 下面是一些让你的活动成功的小技巧.

主题宴会餐饮是一种有趣的方式,为您的活动增添风味. 无论是化妆舞会还是全国性节日, 我们的主题餐饮菜单提供多种选择,以满足您的需求.

Our menus will surely please your guests and give them a fun escape from the typical party catering experience.

关注乐趣,而不是食物. 从我们的厨房, 你的接待, The 熟鹅餐饮公司 is dedicated to providing the best food and the highest level of service so that you can fully enjoy your wedding.

让我们来处理细节吧. Our experienced catering experts know the importance of food for your wedding and will create the right presentation down to the last detail – including the highest level of service from our sales staff to the on-site wait staff.



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